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One stop shop for all civilian activities with drones.

Drones for tourism and territory

Sulcisdrone was created to develop tourism and territory with drones and hire specialized resources. We connect 7000 partners worldwide. Sign in, its free

Video and ICT open source

Incredible new video applications, close aerial surveys, ICT services: ask for best offers from our partners

Innovative initiatives

Sulcisdrone innovations and FlyingNose were among the highlights in Madrid StartupSummit 2014, Milan Expo 2015, ChinaItalyTechnology Transfer2015. Find us at SLUSH 2016 – HELSINKI event (


About Us

SulcisDrone better with drones: a new way to civilian drone services.

Our Vision

The better way to obtain provide and share the civilian drone services.

Our History

Our history belongs to the dawn of the web and is enriched over time, step by step, until you get to the age of drones.

Our Values

Technology is very important , but we believe that first of all comes the human being. Committed people, clear objectives and passion are our priorities.

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