SULCISDRONE 4.0: story SINCE 2014

Sulcisdrone4.0 srl was founded in 2014 as an innovative start-up in digital and video services. We have been working for the export development of madeinitaly SMEs and the marketing of Italian territories on international markets.
The company incorporates a core of founders with great international experience, and IT technicians from the DIEE of the University of Cagliari, and has developed over time projects and platforms that have enabled it to position itself transversally for international development and digital transition.
We facilitate the matching of supply and demand of international partners operating in the world for the business development of Madeinitaly and the attraction and enhancement of Italian territories.

Through state-of-the-art technology , we share new business models, facilitate collaborative export and public-private partnerships by networking new technologies, Resources, Experts.
In particular, with the support of the Region of Sardinia and the support of the University of Cagliari, we have built the Ands proprietary technology, and we have tested it over time with regional and national bodies and associations such as Confesercenti Sardegna (official partner). Also the proponent cooperates with the national associations Uniexportmanager, and Federitaly.

The Ands system is a multi-platform enterprise collaboration that can host next-generation business models. Buildig the Club of Product of the Cultural Heritage (Ands_Art_CLUB) is now our challenge.

We are among the co-founders of Uniexportmanager, the first Italian national association of export professionals. Our operating methodologies are transposed by the UNI 11823:2021 standard.

CONCEPT, OBJECTIVES value pRoposition

Networking for resilience, and going international to boost access to global supply and value chains are the strategic objectives of our pilot project of a Product Club that takes after from the Cultural Heritage.

The Export Heritage product club (AND_ART_CLUB) is at the basis of our strategic vision for the next few years: it is a model that supports a new valorisation of madeinitaly or made in Europe that leverages cultural heritage by enhancing the quality SMEs international offer and making cultural heritage visible and available to new segments of the international public.

We would like to affirm, over the digital channels of international trade, a new diffusion model for the values of the cultural heritage, by coupling the traction of the artistic and archeological offer with the commercial product offer of selected quality SME’s from Italy and Europe.

We want to enhance visibility, traction, availability and overall the economic value of heritage partners who accept joining the club.

The challenge is to implement the strong intangible attributes of the cultural attractions on a concrete commercially available product offering.

We want to attract and reward the international consumer, who by purchasing a physical product, also gets an emotion as well as a cultural enrichment.

The new model we are going to demonstrate and validate aggregates a unique value proposition , boosted by soft skills that enhance attractivity and competitiveness on the international markets.

Such attribute gives all the products in the Club a unique and extraordinary competitive attraction power.

The pilot project aims at demonstrating the value both at technological and commercial level, bringing a future of stability, substainability, scalability.

With the AND_ART_CLUB we want to evolve, both commercially and technologically, being amongst the first to propose, over the digital channels of international trade, the unique premium value of the commercial/artistic coupling concept.

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